Pro-Sil, Award Winning Scar Treatment

Lipstick-sized Scar Management Stick Zaps Scars For Good About Amred Healthcare and Pro-Sil: Amred Healthcare Ltd is a scar management and dermatology specialist company, selling and distributing on behalf of Biodermis. The company is committed to providing quality and clinically proven products to help in the treatment/management of scar and dermatology problems. Amred healthcare Ltd…

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September Wish List

Our selection of must-have items for spring

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Mum of The Month : Lorena Oberg

Lorena Oberg is a leading Skincare Expert and a pioneer is a number of specialist techniques. She is one of a handful of professionals who can achieve real results on stretch marks, semi permanent make up and tattoo removal. Lorena also runs a successful training academy where she dedicates her time teaching the professionals of…

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What My Miscarriage Taught Me

The subject of miscarriage is still classed at taboo and at MummySOS we thought it was time to make a change. We asked Hayley Quinn, the UK’s leading Love and Relationship Expert, to share her personal story of having a life changing miscarriage and what she learned from the experience: “I found out I was…

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Lorena’s 10 tips for protecting skin this summer

Lorena Öberg a leading Skin Repair Expert at London’s Harley Street (CEO & Founder of Lorena Öberg Skincare) 1. Drink water Drink a lot of water and liquids because your body loses lots of moisture in the summer months. Your skin will therefore stay soft and moisturised and your body will avoid dehydration and heat…

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